Gas Safe Engineer

Gas Safe Engineer

24 Hour Call out available

Abbington Property Management have a team of Fully Qualified & Certified Gas Engineers on hand 24/7 to respond to your Gas emergency.  Our Highly qualified and certified Gas Engineers carry a fully stocked van so that in most cases your Gas fault can be fixed on the spot. We pride ourselves on our 24 hour call out service reputation, whether it be a private home or commercial premises, you can be guaranteed your job will not be abandoned until all necessary work is carried out. If you have a Gas Safety concern, Our Gas Safety Engineers are available in Kensington, Chelsea and Mayfair areas of London 24 hours a day.

Gas safety certificates

According to up to date regulations it is mandatory for a registered gas installer (RGI) to issue a Completion Certificate for all Gas Works carried out on your property. Abbington Property Management has a team of Fully Registered Gas installers on hand to issue correct Gas Safety Certs. Declaration of Conformance Certificates (Completion Certificates) are issued for new & existing Gas insulations that require a connection to a gas network, for boiler replacement on existing gas installations with a gas meter already fitted, or for existing gas meter to cover appliance fits, pipework, safety check, repair work, and servicing appliances etc. Abbington Property Managements RGI registered gas installer will issue a Gas Safety Certificate to each customer on completion of each job.

Annual boiler servicing

Ensure the smooth running of your boiler by getting an annual service done from one of Abbington Property Managements Registered Gas Installers. Regular servicing of your boiler can help to keep it working at its optimum level. You can be guaranteed you’re Boiler Servicing Job will be in Safe hands with the Registered Gas Installers at Abbington Property Management

Gas boiler installation

Is your Gas Boiler over 15years Old?? If so, you could be loosing heat and playing higher bills than you need to. I could be time for a New or replacement Boiler. Our Team of Registered Gas Installers at Abbington Property Management are highly experienced in Gas Boiler Installation. Give them a call today to discuss the installation of your new boiler.

Immersion heater & hot water cylinder problems

Is the water in your hot water cylinder cold? Do you suspect leakages from your hot water cylinder? Are there strange noises coming from your hot water cylinder? These are some common problems our Hot Water Cylinder Professionals face everyday. To get the cylinder checked professionally give Abbington Property Managements professional a call.


Detecting & fixing water leaks

Detecting a water leak can be a tough and daunting job. Our team of Professional Technicians at Abbington Property Management have the latest Leak detection Equipment, which enables them to detect Water Leak efficiently. No need to stand searching for hours trying to find the source of the leak just give our team of professional technicians a call here at Abbington Property Management.

Fixing no hot water problems

No Hot Water?? There could be many reasons for this, it could be a water pressure issue, a power issue, a thermostat issue, etc. At Abbington Property Management our team of qualified Technicians have a vast number of years experience in Fixing these issues. Give our Technicians a call, they will come to you and, you can be sure the cause of your “no hot water” problem will be detected in no time!